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Implementation of renewable energy sources at Chamber IX of Kaunas University of Technology

The Kaunas University of Technology focuses on the development of sustainable energy generation systems and the reduction of CO2 emissions. During this project, the heat and electricity facilities in the building complex of the so-called Chamber IX were modernised, including the installation of a photovoltaic power plant for electricity generation and a geothermal energy system (water-ground heat pumps) with an underground energy storage. The implementation of this project and the generation of heat and electricity from renewable energy sources using local equipment has significantly contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the adoption of the National Strategy for the Development of Renewable Energy Resources.


After a complex review of the energy sources used by the university, it was noted that the largest user of electricity is the Chamber IX, the Department of Information Technology Services, due to the energy needed for server cooling. The required energy was provided by the urban centralised heating networks. With an area of more than 14,800 m2 it is a rather large building, requiring a lot of thermal energy.


KTU has created a system integrating solar energy, energy storage, and the combination of energy flows. Photovoltaic modules have been installed on the roofs of all the buildings of Chamber IX. The total area of the roofs is 5,500 m2 and the optimal number of photovoltaic modules planned for this area is 1,520 units with a total capacity of 380 kWp. The generated energy is fed to the converters connected to the general electricity network of the buildings.


A hybrid energy generation system combines the technical equipment generating and storing different kinds of energy, including a solar power plant (380 kW), thermal energy storage with a capacity of 500 m3, a 170 kW heat pump and a waste thermal energy collection system. This project is a great example of a wide application of renewable energy sources as well as a collaboration of science and business. The installation of innovative energy technologies is not only beneficial in terms of the environment; at the same time, knowledge is created that can be used for the development of future infrastructure.


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