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Zmerly Academy; Training & Social Effect

Zmerly & Co is a company that offers complete and professional solutions in the field of heating and solar energy in the Lebanese market. Their objective is not only educating the youth, but also to focus on a strategic plan for energy conservation, renewable energy and energy demand management through courses and programs. In 2018, the Lebanese ministry of Labor certified Zmerly & Co. to give educational programs which led to the creation of the Zmerly Academy. To date, more than 1,800 professionals and students have been trained, adding to the number of graduates, the number of vulnerable houses and families that are positively affected by the rehabilitation programs and cash for work projects.


Lebanon is facing many challenges in the country such as economic challenges and other security issues. As the Lebanese economic crisis continues, conditions are deteriorating for many of the most vulnerable affected households. There is a substantial and continuing increase in the number of Lebanese citizens and Syrian Refugees living in physically substandard conditions, resulting in considerable increases in health, protection and economic vulnerabilities amongst the affected population.


Zmerly & Co is raising awareness and knowledge among engineers, installers, architects, the youth, university and school students about energy and environmental conservation to the society through education. In 2018, the Lebanese Ministry of Labor certified Zmerly & Co. to give educational programs which led to the creation of the Zmerly Academy. This is fostering a learning-centered culture that values and supports excellence in teaching and lifelong learning, fulfilling its mission of conserving the environment through focused dialogue including courses, debates, discussions, seminars, workshops, educational visits, camps and others. The training program includes vocational training, prison training, agricultural training projects, education campaigns, green camps (for youths) and home renovation initiatives.


Zmerly & Co. believes in people, the youth, the children and new generations for a better tomorrow. Zmerly & Co. records all ideas, problems, as well as solutions that add value to the environment. All projects are funded by Zmerly & Co. profits with some NGO’s boosting and contributing in some financial issues when needed. In all technical training programs, the most innovative technologies, equipment and tools are being used by Zmerly & Co. to give beneficiaries updated information. All graduates are exceeding the existing plumbers and technicians knowledge in terms of technical information and up-to-date material. At Zmerly & Co., projects are innovative in many ways, such as motivational activities for employees and partners, encouraging customers and people around to act in order to save the planet in different ways, taking this responsibility as a duty and adopting a strategy that is built on reducing energy consumption and waste.



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