“Salaspils Siltums” Ltd.

With the Project:
In seven years from total fossil fuels to solar energy

Salaspils Siltums is a heat power company, founded in 1996 as a municipality power utility. The utility company provides district heating to households in Salaspils, a town in Latvia. It delivers approximately 60,000 MWh of heat energy per year to consumers. In 2012, the company switched to renewable energy sources by commissioning a 7 MW woodchip boiler in order to increase the energy efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system. Then, in 2018, the power utility company set up a solar collector park with a total area of 21,672 m2, powered by a solar collector connected to a storage tank for heat energy.


In Latvia, more than 50% of the energy consumption is mainly for heating purposes. Energy production in the country is mainly dependent on natural gas. Until 2012, Salaspils Siltums was purchasing heat from the adjacent cogeneration plant running on natural gas. All processes at the plant used heat energy produced from fossil energy sources, thereby, increasing the company’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, the process management systems and heating pipelines were in poor condition, resulting in more than 20% of the produced heat being lost.


The purpose of this project is to produce heat energy from renewable energy sources. Salaspils Siltums has nearly accomplished their main target of 90% of the required heat energy from renewable energy. The company was able to achieve this by making huge modifications within their enterprise through a heat line reconstruction, wood chip boiler installation, natural gas furnace installation, flue gas condenser installation, and solar panel park construction.


Salaspils Siltums utility company was one of the first in Latvia that introduced renewable technologies, especially the woodchip boiler with a flue gas condenser as well as the remote data reading system. The use of a supplementary heat exchanger reduces the flue gas temperature in a wood chip furnace below the dew point, thereby increasing the heat use of the fuel tremendously. As a result, the efficiency of the system is more than 100% compared to other utility companies. The use of solar energy has also led to a stable heat price.


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