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Environment Keepers' Recycling Program

Collecting plastic materials inside the American University of Iraq Sulaemani (AUIS) was launched by Environment Keepers’ Recycling Program on November 11th, 2019. The main objective of this project was not only to collect, store and recycle plastics inside the campus, but also to raise awareness about recycling at the university and local community level. The students and people were engaged in the project through learning about recycling plastics and the importance of recycling overall.


Inside the AUIS campus, there were more than 300 students who live in the dormitory. These students used plastic water bottles during their daily activities. Therefore, was a huge amount of plastic waste that was not treated properly from the students that stayed at the dormitories because the bottles were simply thrown away.


The club started to collect and store all the plastics inside the campus for a later process when the bottles are recycled. They came up with a solution to deliver the bottles to the recycling centers to be recycled. The club also started to teach the other universities to implement similar projects inside their facilities to raise awareness among the society to save the environment.


The total cost of the project was $3000 which was spent on purchasing the containers for the project. Environment Keepers made an agreement with the AUIS to implement the project inside their campus, they wrote proposals to the companies and stakeholders to sponsor the project and placed the trashcans to their allocated places. In total, 9 containers, 220 classroom trashcans, and 50 large containers were used in this project. With these materials, the club had the capacity to store plastic for about one month or 10,000L of plastic bottles.



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