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PT Inovasi Dinamika Pratama

With the Project:
Sustainable Rural Economic Development Through Renewable Energy

Inovasi aims to provide infrastructure services based on renewable energy to 50 rural communities in remote areas of Indonesia by the year 2021. The goal of the project is to facilitate the economic development in marginalised communities through the use of sustainable energy as a tool for income generation and improved livelihoods. Five projects have been funded and implemented that focus on the implementation of smart microgrids in three remote schools and solar-powered water pumping in a village. In addition, locals are trained in the operation of photovoltaic minigrids.


According to a report, there are over 2,500 villages in Indonesia that still lack adequate and reliable electricity. Despite their connection to the main power grid, the majority of the villagers still cannot engage in economic activities and education due to the high energy costs. While there have been some success stories, many villages still do not have access to the information and knowledge required to fully use their opportunities. Through site surveys, over 500 remote villages were identified across Indonesia which are in dire need of renewable energy for their development as the living standards there continue to decline.


In some of the villages with a very weak economic structure, a sustainable energy model was implemented that focuses on meeting the energy needs of the target communities. 45 communities have been provided with renewable energy technologies in a bid to grow and develop their economic activities through helping them improve their income-generating activities. To date, Inovasi has been able to install solar systems both at homes and business centres. In addition, clean water pumped by means of solar energy is provided to communities in need, especially to some remote schools.


Having visited over 500 rural communities in very remote areas of Indonesia, Inovasi has developed a unique community empowerment model that focuses on the community's energy and income needs. Their renewable energy scheme is different from the typical approach of focusing on the need of the fund or technology provider as it is centred on meeting the direct economic needs of the community.


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