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Sustainable Lantau Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department

With the Project:
Engagement Programme under the Tung Chung New Town Extension Project

The Sustainable Lantau Office of Civil Engineering and Development Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (CEDD) is dedicated to the coordination, planning and implementation of various initiatives with an aim to balancing development and conservation on Lantau Island of Hong Kong. The new town extension would be also a pilot to develop a smart, green and resilient living place in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is a densely populated city and construction projects are often carried out in the close proximity to the existing developments and residential buildings. As land reclamation for new town development has not been carried out for a couple of decades in Hong Kong, the public, in particular the youth, were no longer familiar with the social benefits brought by land reclamation and were skeptical about the effectiveness and sustainability.


With a view to fostering the culture of sustainable development in the community, CEDD launched a public engagement programme in 2012. This enabled the public, in particular the youth, to get involved in the planning as well as development of sustainable measures for the new town extension project. CEDD was determined to confine the development within areas with relatively low ecological values and adopt non-dredged reclamation methods to demonstrate the success of sustainable development.


The initiatives in land reclamation include the adoption of new technologies involving“deep cement mixing” to avoid dredging during reclamation, revitalisation of man-made seawalls with eco-shorelines to uplift the biodiversity, reuse of construction and demolition materials in the territory as the reclamation fill materials to reduce the disposal to landfill sites, and other environmental mitigation measures adopted in the course of construction works.



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