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The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia

With the Project:
Clean Up Georgia - Phase III (GMG/FoE -component)

The project was implemented by the Green Movement of Georgia/Friends of the earth Georgia to help the local population improve their environmental responsibility. Through organising world clean-up events, the solid waste pollution is reduced. Around 3,500 tonnes of solid waste were collected from an area of almost 6,500 ha during the clean-up campaigns. The main purpose of the project was to reduce environmental pollution and reduce climate change impact through challenging waste management and enhancing population responsibility in Georgia.


In Georgia, waste is one of the greatest environmental pollutants, including both hazardous and domestic waste. This poses a huge burden on the municipalities' budgets for waste management as the areas with the need for a clean-up are on the rise. Therefore, tight budgets, mismanagement of funds, inefficiency of municipalities, and uncontrolled throwing of waste have led to garbage being burnt, producing hazardous smoke that pollutes the air.


700,000 people in Georgia have been reached by the Green Movement of Georgia/friends of the earth Georgia by raising awareness of the importance of waste management. During the project execution, banners were used to direct tourists to locations where they can dump their waste. Clean up the world events are organised mobilising the participation of a larger population locally and from across the globe. From 1,357 registered hotspots, only 285 remained until the time of project closure. In total, the activities have led to a reduction of 20% of the solid waste in Georgia, and the risk of environmental pollution was lowered by improving the health care of the population.


A unique way of data warehousing and data mining was used to gather information about spots full of waste. The collecting tools used for data warehousing are questionnaires asking about illegal solid waste disposing territories, solid waste collection as well as transportation and the state of the solid waste landfills. This allowed for maps to be drafted, information to be disseminated on social media to all participating bodies which contributed to the reduction of marked dots for illegal waste dumping sites.


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