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Toroidion - Electric Powertrain System

Toroidion Ltd has developed a new kind of electric motor with an innovative powertrain that is suitable for automotive, marine and aerospace industries as well as industrial machinery mining. The highly energy-efficient electric powertrain is electrically safe with no risk of electrocution and it is suitable for all types of applications. It typically operates on low voltages ranging from 40 to 90 volts and low amperes (below 210 A), yet it produces the desired amount of power for anything from smaller vehicles to megawatt-scale vehicle applications.


Electric powertrain systems require high voltage to generate high power, which is not safe for manufacturing, usage, or recycling. They usually have poor efficiency and require extensive safety measures which have to be considered. Furthermore, certification of high voltage applications is expensive and in case of an accident, the risk of electrocution is very high.


The powertrain solution which is new on the market meets the power requirement of all kinds of vehicles for transportation and replaces combustion-based technologies at the same cost. The Toroidion system uses electrically safe voltage, so there is no risk for lethal electric shocks in manufacturing, during usage or at the end of the product life cycle when recycled. It is powered by solar and wind energy and it is equipped with a changeable battery that can be recharged from a normal household power socket and does not necessarily require any special charging stations.


The Toroidion powertrain has a wide high-efficiency operating envelope. Its high energy efficiency directly increases the range of the electric car, which is the main challenge with many electric vehicles. A multi-cylinder engine approach is used, keeping cylinders small and fuel-air mixture low which allows it to achieve extra safe low voltage multiple times in one electric motor, power inverter electronics, and low voltage battery packs. In other words, the highly efficient powertrain uses a smaller battery pack to reach the same range as conventional electric vehicles.


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