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Norsepower Rotor Sails

Norsepower is the first company in the world to implement hundred-year-old sailing principles in a commercially viable modern product. The aim of the mission is to reduce the environmental impact of shipping through the widespread deployment of its Rotor Sail Solution technology to the international commercial shipping industry.


The shipping industry is a substantial contributor to the global economy and accounts for 90% of global trade. While ships remain the world’s most efficient form of transport, the shipping industry is almost 3% of the world’s total man-made greenhouse gas emissions. As trade demand is growing, it is projected to increase thus creating a need for reducing the carbon footprint.


The main innovations were utilising modern automation systems and lightweight composite materials to enable a fully automated, strong, robust, and low maintenance solution. Rotor Sails and other emissions saving technologies accelerate the pathway to decarbonisation, as they not only lower GHG emissions but reduce fuel costs too. Norsepower challenges the industry to further commit to maximising the propulsive power of the wind to reduce fuel, fuel costs, and emissions and recognise that this clean technology is commercially and environmentally successful.


Using the latest advanced materials, the outer rotating rotor consists of lightweight composite materials made up of carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced plastics. Implementing these modern materials enables the development of a lightweight, robust, and hi-tech Flettner rotor that is purpose-built for the 21st-century ships. Initiated with a push-button start, the Rotor Sail is fully automated and intuitively senses whenever the wind conditions are favourable enough to deliver fuel savings, at which point the Rotors start automatically.



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