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ECO food dehydrators

ECO is a multiple awards winning only Arab food dehydrator provider. Eco's aim is to bridge the huge gap and fulfill the huge need of food dehydrators, while turning it into business opportunity. It enables farmers turn crop surplus that usually goes to waste into powdered fruit drinks and powdered tomato sauce in just 6 hours.


Overpopulation, scarcity of natural resources and urbanization force farmers to produce more food to cover the need of the growing population. However, up to 50% of crops goes to waste every year which forms a great loss for farmer's income and many natural resources such as water, land, fertilizers and energy that go to produce food that no one consumes.


Reducing post-harvest loss is the shortest and fastest way to increase food security without additional stress on scarce natural resources. ECO research team managed to discover a new creative method for crops dehydration to reduce moisture content of fruits and vegetables using mainly renewable energy and minimum dependency on electricity in just 6 hours.


After many years of research, ECO research team managed to reduce the time needed for dehydration and dehydration operation cost, while increasing the dehydrators capacity by up to 3 times. Each unit of ECO medium commercial model can dehydrate up to 60 tonnes of tomato surplus each year that otherwise goes to waste. Each tonne of tomatoes would otherwise create 22m3 of methane gas emission, resulting in up to 1300m3 reduction in methane gas emission per year.



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