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In February 2003, the Mesa Brasil Sesc Programme (PMBS) was launched with four main objectives: reduction of hunger and food waste, development of educational actions and mobilisation of volunteers. PMBS collects food in surplus locations and distributes this food to civil society organisations that serve vulnerable people. Over the past three years, 2,654,088 kg of food have been collected and distributed, neutralising 2,227 tons of CO2.


In recent decades, the population of Brazil has undergone significant social changes that have resulted in changes concerning their health and food consumption. These transformations have led to a reduction of poverty, hunger, and social exclusion, improving access and variety of food, thus ensuring the average availability of calories for consumption. However, even with these changes, there are still about 16 million Brazilians living in extreme poverty.


In 2003, Brazil focused on the development of actions to combat hunger and on the improvement of the precarious nutritional situation experienced by parts of the Brazilian population. The PMBS was implemented nationwide and the formation of the national solidarity network against hunger and food waste was formed which is effectively contributing to the improvement of quality of life and inclusion of people in vulnerable situations. It is a food bank network based on the urban harvest method which has the characteristic of ensuring the outflow of received food in the shortest time. Food donors and volunteers are also integrated to ensure continuity.


The surplus food is fetched directly from the field, helping the farmer to get rid of the excess harvest, and brought to needy people who receive the donation. Every year, a network meeting event is conducted where donor companies, volunteers and recipient organisations are brought together to present and discuss the results of the previous year. Internship vacancies are offered in nutrition and social work, providing interns with the opportunity to practice various topics such as integral utilisation of food, healthy eating, citizenship, and sustainability.


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