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TurboSphere - Generating greener & cleaner electricity from waste energy

The turbo generator unit Turbo Sphere (TGU 'Turbo Sphere') is an innovative technology that generates electricity when pressure difference of natural gas allows an increase in fuel efficiency. This technology has enabled the industry to produce sustainable energy and also an additional income for the enterprise. The power generated is equivalent to the company’s annual electricity purchase from an external network.


Globally, there is an abundant source of untapped secondary energy resources, such as overpressure energy of streams, thermal and combustible waste, that has the potential to lower energy costs and cut CO2 emissions. The overpressure energy of natural gas which is formed in the gas transportation system during the processes of lowering the pressure of natural gas presents many industries with the most promising source of energy. The pressure of natural gas is reduced in pressure regulators; however, the process dissipates the potentially useful energy from gas compression into the environment.


The TGU 'TurboSphere' is designed to generate electricity by utilising the overpressure energy of natural gas without additional combustion of fuel. An innovative technical solution is achieved by applying a new patented principle of multi-stage flow expansion and its heating between the different stages. The generator unit produces between 5 kW and 400 kW of electricity, the model range operates in the flow range from 500 to 40,000 m3/h, as well as with natural gas pressure up to 6.3 MPa. This makes it possible to achieve universality and the ability to almost universally use the energy of the gas pressure drop.


The installation power and other parameters are selected in accordance with the characteristics of the object. The technology includes a turbogenerator with an innovative patented solution, an automatic control system for turbogenerator units. Turbo Sphere simultaneously combines several units such as a turbine, a heat exchanger, and a power generator, a first of its kind innovation. The gas expansion process in the Turbo Sphere is close to isothermal which is most effective and allows the utilisation of low-grade energy sources and low rate flows for energy generation.


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