Association for the Protection of the Environment of Beni Isguen (APEB)

With the Project:
Support local actors for a sustainable rural development of the oases of southern Algeria

The project called DevOasis was led by the Association for the Protection of the Environment of Beni Isguen (APEB), International Center for Actions and Achievements (CARI) and the El Argoub association. The main aim was to promote sustainable rural development of oases in southern Algeria. This has been addressed through capacity building, networking of Oasian civil society actors, and support for the development of agricultural sector production to contribute to the economic development of these regions.


The oases are facing successive droughts, scarcity and overexploitation of water resources. Due to poorly controlled irrigation and waste water discharged without prior treatment, there's soil salinisation or up-welling of water, which leads to desertification and silting of oases. Also, the absence of specific agricultural policies adapted no longer allows the creation of added value of oasis plots.


The Algerian government launched several programs for the agricultural and rural sector with a focus on decentralization and accountability of actors at the local level. To achieve this, field surveys and interviews were conducted by APEB and its partners with local actors in the Oasian territories, in order to identify their needs. The need for greater mobilization was also highlighted in the pre-project interviews by research organizations and national institutions.


The project's methodology of action was based on a participatory and multi-stakeholder consultation approach. It allowed a permanent consultation of the beneficiaries to establish training themes in order to meet their needs. This action made it possible to create spaces for exchange and discussion between the Oasian and associative actors, through regional workshops, which was previously non-existent.



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