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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Winner in the category Youth

United States - OneLessStraw
Submitted by:
One More Generation
United States

One More Generation founders Olivia (16) and her brother Carter (17) have successfully launched a global OneLessStraw Campaign that educates students and their families around the world about the severity of our use of single-use plastic straws. Since the launch of the OneLessStraw Campaign two years ago, over 5,000 people around the world have pledged to go plastic straw free for at least 30-days. Almost 800 business have joined in and the campaign has been introduced and implemented in countless schools around the world.

Initial situation
1 billion single-use plastic straws are used every single day, half of them in the United States alone. They are not cost-effective to recycle and end up in our landfills and waterways and remain there for years, which has an extremely negative effect on wildlife.

The OneLessStraw Campaign, started by siblings Olivia (16) and Carter (17), aims to reduce the plastic straw use through educating individuals, schools and businesses and providing them with ways they can change their behavior. The campaign has a standalone website that provides educational materials in 12 different languages. Individuals can sign a pledge and forgo using single-use plastic straw for at least 30 days. Schools can commit to sharing educational resources with their students and encourage them to spread their knowledge in their homes. Business like restaurants, hotels, airlines, and venues can implement “We Only Serve Straws Upon Request” program. An interactive Google map on the website allows to track the progress of the campaign and show others the scope of its reach.

The innovative aspects of the OneLessStraw Campaign are deviation of materials for different target groups (individuals, schools, businesses). It also stands out among other initiatives because of the material availability in 12 languages. Another innovative aspect is the fundraiser component implemented in schools: students are encouraged to suggest that their parents pay a small fee (.25$ - 1$) for every time they are caught using a single-use plastic straw. These penalties are then given to the school which can use funds to bring more environmental education programs.

Category Youth

  • Project: United States - OneLessStraw
    Applicant: One More Generation
    Country: United States

  • Project: Community Researchers Program
    Applicant: Toledo Institute for Development and Environment
    Country: Belize

  • Project: Solar 4 Girls Naija Summer Program
    Applicant: Office of the Wife of Ondo State Governor, Nigeria in collaboration with Ashdam Solar Initiative
    Country: Nigeria