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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Winner in the category Earth

Carbon concrete – economical, sustainable, attractive.
Submitted by:
C³-Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.

The goal of this project is to establish a new technology for concrete by using carbon. Carbon cannot corrode, and its lifespan is much longer thatn the one of the ferroconcrete, thus reducing the environmental impact the currently used ferroconcrete has. This newly developed material called carbonconcrete is now on the way to a marketable commodity with Europe as the world‘s leading supplier of this technology.

Initial situation
Concrete has been used for building purposes for more than 2000 years. Since the invention of ferroconcrete, its application range has been extended significantly. It is today the world‘s most widely used building material – with high use of resources and enormous carbon emissions. 4,500 m tons of cement are used each year worldwide to produce concrete which causes 2,500 m tons of CO2 emissions. Another problem is the corrosion of the steel used within the concrete which leads to severe structural damages, a lowered lifetime and high maintenance costs. Alternative stainless reinforcing materials have been searched for during the last decades.

Basic textile concrete research has been intensified since the 1990s, followed by some small practice projects in the beginning of 2000. Their positive results set the cornerstone for the C3 project which started in 2014 and is the world‘s largest building research and development project. The project‘s ambitious goal is to develop the highly promising material combination carbon concrete into a marketable commodity and establish Europe as the world‘s leading supplier of this technology. The new, thin and durable composite material shall be economically efficient, environmentally sustainable and aesthetic.

Compared to steel reinforcement, carbon is not only lighter and has a higher load carrying capacity, but it is also 20 times more efficient. Although carbon is more expensive than steel, its many advantages justify the higher price. Since it doesn‘t corrode, the component thickness can be reduced to a minimum of a few cm. Up to 80% of the concrete (cement and sand) can be saved with a simultaneous increase of the lifetime.

Category Earth

  • Project: Carbon concrete – economical, sustainable, attractive.
    Applicant: C³-Carbon Concrete Composite e. V.
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