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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Honour in the category Earth

Austria - Ja! Natürlich Green Packaging
Submitted by:
REWE International AG

The project aims to gradually depart from using plastic. Vegetables and fruits are packed in cellulose films instead of plastic ones. Plastic cups have been replaced by paper cups, vegetable mesh and labels are made from biodegradable natural fibers. Since the stepwise transition away from the plastic 380 tons of plastic have been saved. In 2016 alone, this campaign saved 87 tons of plastic.

Initial situation
Plastic is an excellent raw material for many different products. However, it is also necessary to collect and recycle plastic, which is not always done. Therefore, about 50 million tons of plastic waste are currently floating in our oceans. A lot of it is one-way packaging. However, packaging cannot be fully avoided in retail. Goods must be protected during the transportation and handling in the shop. Furthermore, there are hygiene, labelling and storage reasons, which prevent making packaging in retail obsolete. Thus, it is essential to design alternative packaging models, especially for food.

REWE International’s organic brand „Ja! Natürlich“ has gradually switched the packaging of fruit and vegetables to several types of packaging without using “conventional” pastic. The raw materials used in this packaging are renewable, and 100% free from gene technology. The current packaging materials used by the company are cellulose films, meshes made of biodegradable natural fibers, and boxes made of cellulose and grass.

Out of all the new materials used by Rewe International, boxes made of cellulose and grass are the biggest innovation. The company was the first in the industry to successfully test this sustainable material in Austria. The company is trying to find new solutions for the packaging issues to have less negative impact on our environment. It is currently testing laser labelling on avocados, avoiding the packaging completely.

Category Earth

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