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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Finalist in the category Earth

Eco Village Project in Bangladesh
Submitted by:
Korea Green Foundation

This project will help to save the largest single block of mangrove forest in the world. An Eco Village with education, safe drinking water, improved cooking stoves, solar power, and planting of saplings are the main components for success.

Initial situation
The Sundarbans is the largest single block of mangrove forest in the world, but local people are barely aware of the forest´s value. Surrounding villages rely heavily on natural resources, but unsustainable harvesting levels and practices have been very destructive to the mangrove forest in the long run.

To protect the mangrove forest, Korea Green Foundation has built an Eco Village. This helps to educate people in surrounding communities about the importance of the forest and also helps their socio-economic development. The project uses an eco-friendly and sustainable development model and strengthens the local community. Three programs have been implemented so far: Green Housing, Green Education, and Green Business.

Green Housing goals include safe drinking water, providing improved fuel-efficient cooking stoves, supplying solar energy, and protecting mangroves. 2,100 solar lamps, 1,700 solar panels and 504 solar home systems provide healthy, green, and reliable electricity. Two solar stations installed at public institutions deliver electricity to the communities. To protect riverbanks, forests, and villages from storms, 60,000 mangrove saplings have been planted. Green Education aims to raise awareness of the value of nature and emphasize the importance of Sundarbans´ mangrove ecology and economic benefits. Environmental education is being provided for 4,050 students in 25 selected schools, and 300 villagers are learning techniques for environmentally friendly farming and fishing. Green Business aims to build capacity for economic activities: 200 local tour operators have been trained in Ecotourism, families have received training to promote local culture and heritage, and women have received handicraft training to make souvenirs from non-wood forest products.


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