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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Finalist in the category Water

Submitted by:
Trowel Development Foundation, Inc.

The ISLA CORALS Program is a community-based coastal resources management and co-management initiative. The program goals are fishery productivity enhancement, livelihood diversification, marine biodiversity conservation and participatory governance.

Initial situation
The income from fishing in Northern Samar is neither sufficient nor stable enough, meaning that a typical fishing household of six is unable to provide for the basic needs of its members. They suffer from low income, low access to safe and nutritious food, limited access to safe and potable water and less access to basic education and health services compared to others. Other big problems are overfishing, destructive fishing practices, deforestation of mangrove forests, lack of strong fisheries regulation and enforcement, lack of appropriate aquaculture technologies, inaccessible credit facilities and weak institutions and organizations.

Increasing the food security is very important. Therefore, Trowel Development Foundation established a 31-hectare fish sanctuary and institutionalized an annual three-month closed fishing season in 100-hectare Lalaguna Bay. The eliminated destructive fishing practices have resulted in increased fish catch and food availability. Diversified local livelihood sources including eco-friendly aquaculture and seaweed farming have significantly increased fishery income. They also have rehabilitated 100 hectares of denuded mangroves and protected at least 1,000 hectares of existing mangrove forest. They sequester 1,714 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually and have saved settlement areas from the devastating impacts of typhoons and sea-level rise.

The innovative popularization of eco-friendly and climate-resilient tie-crab fattening technique entails an individualized crab production management system. Popularization of bamboo potting technique in direct plantings of mangrove seeds to rehabilitate denuded mangrove areas is another part of this project. The technique entails placing individual mangrove seeds in bamboo pots and planting the pots 3 to 4 meters apart in a denuded mangrove area that needs to be rehabilitated. They have also created a Passing-on-the Gifts scheme as a culture of mutual sharing of benefits among program beneficiaries. The fishing household that has received material and financial assistance from the program must pass on the same amount of assistance to a chosen family. This family will in turn pass the assistance to another family, etc. The Passing-on-the Gift scheme must be continued by the succeeding pass-on families until the last fishing household in the community benefits.


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    Applicant: Trowel Development Foundation, Inc.
    Country: Philippines

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