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Energy Globe World Award 2017

Finalist in the category Air

One Less Nuclear Power Plant
Submitted by:
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Republic of Korea

The One Less Nuclear Power Plant (OLNPP) initiative is Seoul´s energy policy that engages citizens in energy saving and production efforts, thereby replacing energy derived from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Initial situation
The temperature on the Korean Peninsula has increased by 1.7°C over the last century because of global warming induced by GHG emissions. Seoul is a high energy consuming megacity with a population of about 10 million people. This city emits a huge amount of greenhouse gas. The Fukushima nuclear incident in March 2011 was also a wake-up call for the city government to act. Around 30 percent of the nation’s energy is sourced from nuclear power. The city decided to reduce energy consumption and produce renewable energy, thereby increasing its energy self-sufficiency rate.

This project has the ambitious goal to take the lead in tackling climate change and to share the burden imposed on other cities or regions in energy production. The OLNPP initiative has encouraged civic participation from policy planning to implementation. Its main achievements are mainly attributable to citizen’s participation. They include a 1.86 million Eco-mileage membership (an incentive program for citizens and organizations to reduce energy consumption), 95,000 students joining the Energy Guardian Angels Corps, a youth group taking the lead in energy saving efforts, 55 energy self-sufficient villages, which have joined the energy conservation and generation efforts of the city at the community level, 17,000 mini PV panels installed on the apartment balconies, and replacement of lighting in public buildings, subway stations, parking lots and residential buildings in Seoul with LED.

With the OLNPP initiative, Seoul citizens can actively participate in energy conservation and generation efforts. As the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is taking the lead in such efforts and this has a huge impact in advancing energy democracy in South Korea. Seoul intends to break away from the traditional energy mix and play a leading role in shifting the national energy paradigm to renewable energy. Future energy policy should shift its focus from nuclear-driven power generation to energy conservation and further renewable energy generation. Citizens install solar PV systems in their apartments’ security office for cooling, save their common power bills to raise the wages of their apartment guards, and donate their incentive points from the Eco-Mileage program to the Seoul Energy Citizens Fund. It provides citizens with a new perspective about energy and presents innovative ways to use energy more efficiently.


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