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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate?
Projects can be entered by individuals as well as companies, clubs, organizations, schools, universities, and public authorities. A single project may be jointly entered by several partners (please indicate the name of the primary contact partner).
It is also admissible for one contestant to enter several projects.

When is the deadline for submissions?
The deadline for the Energy Award 2020: 21 November 2019

How to participate?
We strongly encourage you to use the Word document we provided for project submission, where all relevant items are explained in detail. Please note that the completeness and quality of your project submission are also part of the evaluation.
Download template: Project submission in Word format (DOC, 100 kB)
Please submit your project online with the link provided. You can copy and paste the information from the template to the online form. Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, we are unable to accept project submissions via email because this would require us to enter all submitted data manually.
Should online entry of your project be impossible, please email your documents via the provided Word file to Unfortunately we are unable to accept postal entries.

Whom do I contact in case I have any questions concerning a project?

Can projects be entered that are nearing completion?
Only projects that have already been implemented or are nearing completion will be considered for the Energy Globe Award. ‘Implemented’ means that enough progress must have been made for a project to be assessable. Examples:

  • A functioning prototype --or--
  • Partial implementation of a project consisting of several stages. (For example: 10,000 new trees are due for planting in several stages. Such a project can be submitted as early as in the course of the first implementation stage. Or: A school project has been planned for 100 schools and the pilot project was successfully implemented for the first school during the project’s initial year.)

Continuous projects and initiatives (such as ongoing garbage collecting and recycling initiatives) that have not yet been completed but are already showing initial results may be entered as well.

Is it possible to enter pilot projects?
Yes, it is. However, a functioning prototype or some other assessable results must be provided. Please see the previous question.

Who is the official project submitter when several partners are involved in the project?
This is at the project submitters’ discretion.

What if the submitter’s home country is not the country where the project was implemented?
The award is assigned to the country where the project was implemented.

Is it possible to enter projects that are still in planning?
Projects still at an early planning stage with no implementation results may be entered as well. However, they will not be considered for the Energy Globe Awards; instead they will be separately evaluated by Energy Globe partners willing to offer project financing or startup consulting.

When will I be informed concerning a possible nomination or having won an award?
National Energy Globe Award winners will be contacted in April of the year following the call for entries.
Nominees for the international Energy Globe Award (World Award for Sustainability) will be contacted in late fall of the year following the call for entries.

Will the winners receive a cash award?
The international awards are presented for the categories of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Youth. A detailed description of these categories is provided here. The final decision concerning a project’s category shall remain with Energy Globe as well as the independent jurors. International winners divide a prize pool of 10, 000 euros.

When and where will the awards be presented?
Locations may vary. Nominees will be informed well in advance.

What is a national award?
Usually, more than one project is entered by participants from a country. The national Energy Globe Award goes to the best project from each individual country.